The 17 Best Travel Bags for 2017

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May 1, 2017

As we approach the halfway point in 2017, It’s time to break out the old measuring stick to take a hard look at all the latest releases from the top bag manufacturers. At this point most of the major manufacturers have release all of their 2017 models and we can even start expecting some news for 2018 models.

For those of you who are new to the site let’s break down our rating system.  The rating system is based on the concept that no one bag is right for everyone. This is particularly true when it comes to Men’s and Women’s bags. So please know that while there are some overall winners, our rankings are specific to the needs of the user. With such variety, it’s not difficult to make sure that the bag you’re buying is suited in exactly for you and your needs.

This concept works because what white what might be the perfect bag for me would completely not to fill your needs. Space so in this form we’ve created categories for each bag with some overall winners and certainly some overall losers but the concept here is that will classify a winner for each category and also creates mega categories for larger.

As we took on this project we knew to get consistent results long-term variation we would need to come up with a consistent rating system.

Because I hate to bury lead we start off with the 2017 overall winners for both men and women categories. These bags are the crème de la crème for travel of all time. If we were the average American traveler without budget constraints we would go with these bags one hundred percent of the time.

2017 Women’s Overall Winner: